What I Do

So you have an event or party coming up? Have a look at some of the options below – but, don’t worry if your event is not listed, these are just some of my standard packages to give you a bit of information. I offer lots of options that can include Magic (both Magic shows and walkaround Magic for kids), Balloon Modelling, Balloon Centrepieces, Circus Skills, Non-Elimination games, Sideshow games, Magic Lessons and much more.

Birthday Parties

Option 1 – The Magic Fun Show

 The 1 hour show is a magic fun show of about 45 minutes in which I make the birthday child the star of the show. It involves getting some other children up to join in the fun and some giveaways are provided. I encourage a lot of audience participation and ensure that all the kids have a great time and lots of FUN. The end of the show involves getting the children to join in with some singing and dancing which is led by my puppet Dino. The show gives good entertaining value for money and proves to be a good option for short parties and those working to a budget.

And of course you can relax and enjoy the show too. Also feel free to snap away with your camera.

Option 2 – The Complete Party Package

The 2 hour show is by far my most popular show.

Not only would the children would enjoy the Magic Fun Show as detailed above but also be in a great mood and ready to enjoy some really fun games and activities. I will play some great games with the kids, after which I would take the children to the buffet or meal led by the birthday child. The cake would be presented after the food and all the children sing Happy Birthday. Then the children can relax and enjoy the Magic Fun Show.

With the ‘Complete Party Package’, your party planning headaches are minimized, it gives you piece of mind as I will take control of the whole party – all you need to do is arrange the food and enjoy the show

Option 3 – The Deluxe Party Package

 What can you add to an already great party to make it more memorable and exhilarating? That is where the Deluxe Party Package comes in… The show is exactly the same as the Complete Party Package but with a couple of extra special add-ons. Just before the end of the party the show concludes with the fantastic balloon show. This involves dressing some of the children up in balloon costumes (which they get to keep afterwards) and acting out a famous fairy tale or nursery rhyme, this has always proved to be a highlight of the party so make sure you have cameras ready during the show.

Also in with this package a special balloon would be given to the birthday child as my gift to them. The balloon would be designed around whatever they like at the moment – maybe a Disney princess or flower bouquet for a girl, or a dragon or Scooby Doo for a boy, or even a birthday cake, all made solely from balloons. These centrepieces are normally sold seperately for between £20-£50 but are included as part of the package.


 Ok… let’s be honest – kids get bored during the speeches at a wedding. So if you are looking to keep the children occupied on your wedding day, then booking a children’s entertainer is ideal. I can take the children into another room and entertain them whilst the adults mingle and celebrate. The show can be scheduled during the meal and speeches or later on at the start of the evening celebration. The packages offered as the same as the birthday parties above, but I can offer Balloon Modelling as part of the package if you prefer.





Fun Days

OK – the clue is in the title… the most important thing necessary for a successful fun day is FUN!!! There is no better person to ask to provide the fun for your day. Whether it is incredible Balloon Models for the children or a series of magic shows throughout the day, I will make sure that the day becomes a memorable experience for everyone attending.

Christmas Parties

Christmas is coming, as always! I love doing Christmas shows as it let’s me show off my themed Christmas routines and gets me all excited for when Santa comes! I can also appear Santa with a magic effect if you want me to!


What makes a great show for a Christening? It has taken me many years of trial and error to work it out. My Christening show is 2 hours long. I start the show with some really fun games – these games have been designed to get everyone involved including the adults so everyone can have some fun. Don’t worry it is not musical statues or pass the parcel, these have been designed for the whole room to join in (if they want to). Then after everyone has had a great time and a good laugh I move on to making amazing balloons for the children (and adults if there is time), these will be the advanced creations that you can see on the “what I make” page. I have found that this kind of fun packed show is ideal for Christenings and also works very well as most Christening venues do not have the room for a Magic Show.

That being said, if you really wanted Magic then I am always happy to make the show yours and tailor it to suit you.

School Shows

I can do an entertaining magic show for the children, or theme a show around your current curriculum. I also can teach some magic to the children as a special treat

Please see below for comments on my magic show and balloon twisting for schools.